Zero Cost Marketing Secrets
(a 4-session training program by Dan Hollings )

Dan Hollings, the Zar of Zero

nothing or ZERO?


(spending too much money!)

Everyone thinks SPENDING money on marketing is a necessary evil... The tools, landing pages, a blog, PR costs, social media, SEO, eCommerce fees, mobile, support expenses, the high cost of traffic...... THEY ALL ADD UP!

What if you could learn the SECRETS to achieving the same results (perhaps better) for literally NOTHING?

Zero Cost Marketing Secrets will...
  • SAVE YOU MONEY in 25 CATEGORIES of business
  • MAKE YOU MONEY in 25 CATEGORIES of business
Zero Costs
  1. Blogging
  2. Business Tools
  3. Commerce
  4. Content Enhancement
  5. Contests
  6. Customer Support
  7. Hosting
  8. How-To & Learning
  9. Income Generation
  10. Lead Generation
  11. List Building
  12. Mobile
  13. Pr & Press Releases
  14. Presentations
  15. Publishing
  16. Reviews
  17. Rewards & Gamification
  18. Seo
  19. Site Building
  20. Social Media
  21. Stats & Analytics
  22. Traffic
  23. Video
  24. Graphics & Design
  25. Viral Marketing


We've all stumbled upon a free tool or resource from time to time, many have blatant ads -OR- they are so limited they are not worth the effort. And of course we know (and almost forget) that some of the best tools we already use are free (think: Google, Facebook, Twitter etc). However... THAT'S NOT WHAT THIS COURSE IS ABOUT.

This course is about implementing STRATEGIES and OPTIMIZING set-up with PREMIUM zero cost tools (most you will have never heard of). In other words, PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER. Without question, you'll learn how to SAVE money and MAKE money in ways you've never imagined possible.

Your Instructor

Dan Hollings (Internet, Mobile & Zero-Cost Expert) has setup and ran million dollar campaigns on next to nothing. He will guide you through one of the most jaw-dropping programs you've ever attended. If you think you know ZERO, you ain't seen nothing yet!

Four Zero-Packed Sessions

4 sessions (recorded so you can listen at your convenience). You'll be instantly immersed in a total of over 10 hours of marketing nothing-ness!

It's your choice...

Do Nothing or Do ZERO?

What's it gonna be?

Sorry, This Offer Is Closed

Item: Zero Cost Marketing Secrets Training Program
Investment: 534.52 USD (One Time)

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